Thursday, May 17, 2012

a day in the life

I know there will come a time in my life when everything will be different, and I will long for the mundane, sunny days I spent in my Italian villa overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with Graham and Alaina while 007 was off fighting pirates.


I just finished writing an email to 007, since we can't find a way to talk on Skype or on the phone, because he is currently in Algeria (for real this time). I was going to blog about something else, but then I thought perhaps ya'll might enjoy knowing what it's like on a pretty regular ole day at an American home in Italy.

So, here ya go.

(Please excuse the bad grammar, spelling, etc... I don't always think about those sorts of things when I email my beloved. He still loves me. I hope you can, too).

Tony, Tony, Tony,

I swear, I don't know how this happens so frequently, but I had yet another day of not leaving the house. At all. Graham was super tired and cranky this morning and he just wanted to stay home. Ugh. I think he just needs every other day school or something. By the time he came around and started acting happy, it was well after 9, so we just stayed home. I had planned to drop him off at school and then go to Carney park to try a jog with Alaina in the BOB. Instead, I spent yet another morning with Tony Horton. I had to give Shawn T a break, because my knees are aching. After Alaina's second feeding, I did some laundry, did a reading lesson with Graham, made smoothies for lunch, took a nap outside while Alaina napped inside, then fed her again. While I was napping, Graham was sort of whining, but then he started playing outside, so that was good... After her second feeding, I did more laundry, and when she napped, Graham and I made some banana bread using Andrew Weil's recipe due to my attempt to eat more healthily. It definitely tastes healthy, but not bad. While the bread was cooking, Graham and I played ball outside, then he rode the trike around. He got on his bike after riding the trike and said he felt scared to be up so high and he wanted to ride the trike. Hmmmm. So, I let him ride the trike. Then I fed Alaina again and we enjoyed some banana bread. Graham and Alaina played in his room while I took a shower. Yay! A shower! I even washed my hair! Then, all of a sudden, it was time to make dinner. I've had salad with a veggie burger chopped on top for the last three nights. It is a very satisfying and healthy dinner for me. The poppy dressing really helps. Graham had a burger on the side of his quesadilla and some broccoli and then more banana bread with pb and j for dessert. After dinner, we put Alaina down for her last nap of the day, then cleaned up and watched some of the Voice. Alaina got up and ate for the last time, then got her jams on and went to bed. Then Graham got his jams on, we read two of those annoying Disney stories and sang some songs. I realized I've been singing twinkle little star almost every night for probably close to 5 years, now. I don't know where the time goes. Sometimes, it feels like the day is dragging, but then I look around at all the things I wanted to accomplish and didn't (cleaning the floors, the sinks, dusting-wait, no I did dust today) and feel like the day went really quickly...

What did you do today? 

I hope you are thoroughly entertained.

Have a great day.  

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  1. Katherine, my most beautiful namesake, your day sounds just like it did when we were visiting you. Some times there were so many things to do and then, there were days that we ate, slept, read books, ate, checked the sunset and it was time for bed. Life seems like that most of the time. Also, I do remember those days when my 009 was off saving the donut world whilst I honored the home with being a mom. It always is so different those weeks when every day has some thing to do and you look forward to just some time for yourself. And bam! you get just what you wanted and wish that there was more exciting things to do. today I'm sitting at St Pete's watching the phone hoping it will ring. Got 15 min more and then we go to do SOMETHING!! YEAH! We are going to mt spo high school to watch Geno throw a javelin and other stuff! Then home, take Michael his bd gift, eat out-eat in?hmmm. Pack leave tomorrow for Bellevue to go to a banquet for SeaHawk booster clubs. Sea Gals and Sea Boys! Yeah. Shannon, Steven?? Aunt Betty, Art and Aunt Patsy are on the agenda. Oops gotta go, love ya and miss you all. I just love the pics, keep em coming.