Monday, July 23, 2012

a brief update

As usual, I am finding it difficult to find the time, energy, and internet to sit down and blog in the middle of a road trip.

So, here is a quick update. I hope to give more details in the future.

On Friday, Tony finished up his work in Oberammergau. We spent the evening watching "The Sound of Music" (first time for me), and then drove through Salzburg (where it was filmed) on Saturday. Um, no pictures to share, because, well, um, I'll tell you later........

Saturday afternoon, we arrived in Vienna.



We spent Sunday looking at palaces and cathedrals and art.


In Vienna!

Today, Monday, we went to the very first zoo ever in the history of the world.


It is in the backyard of a palace.

Because that's the sort of thing you find in Vienna. Zoos in the backyards of palaces.


After that, we drove to Budapest, and that is where I am right this minute. In Budapest!



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