Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It was a hot Saturday in July. We were all standing beneath Castle Sant Angelo near Vatican City waiting for our friends to join us so we could climb to the top. Alaina was chillin' like a villain in her souped up stroller. Graham was dancing around her and falling on his head. She was watching him. Intent. Serious. Following his every move with nothing but her eyes. Tony was looking off in the distance wondering if he could spot our friends and help guide them to where we were. I was busy soaking it all in. The street vendors selling toys and scarves. The silver cowboy live statue propped against the garbage can ready to shoot anyone who dared drop a coin in his bucket. The children playing fooze ball next to us. The welcomed breeze breaking the oppressive heat. The limone granite on my tongue. And my children playing together. I decided to hone in on their activities as Graham got close to Alaina's face in hopes that she would suck his nose. As the words, "Ease up, Graham. Give her some space," nearly left my tongue, it happened. Alaina laughed. A hearty, deep, excited, leg-kicking chuckle. Tony was knocked out of his reverie and Graham patted himself on the shoulder out of pure pride and we all laughed with her. The first time our whole family laughed together. It was magical and I will never forget it.

She hasn't laughed since.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. My dear Italian Grand/Great Grand children, So wonderful to hear about your visit with your friends. You must have had a fantastic time! And for you to get to hear Alaina laugh for the first time is just magical. You tuned in on the right channel for sure! Hotter than a pistol here. Gpa is out golfing with buddies at the c d'a city course. i'm chilling in the house. should wander over to t's and jump in their magnificent 26' pool to cool off. I just went shopping with Greg and his friend Cindy to costco and am beat. Think I'll pour me a cold glass of cyrstal lite tea and relax. love ya, gma kelly

  2. This gave me goose bumps and tears, weird combo! Love it!