Monday, July 9, 2012

roma roma roma


Let me begin by saying that our friends are troopers through and through. They've experienced Italy to its fullest. From the delicious pasta to the overly frequent strikes. I sent them on their own to Pompei where they had to wait in line for two hours before the place would open for them because the workers were on strike for the morning. After that, I figured they were destined for better luck, so I sent them to Rome a day ahead of us. I was wrong. The trains were on strike, so they had to wait at the train station for some hours before they got to make their way into Rome only so their youngest daughter could get sick and throw up all over their dinner.

They shrugged it off with a perfect "va bene" and kept on trudging through Rome's beautiful sights with us on Saturday and Sunday. Overwhelmed is what they were at all the art and people and culture and food. Over. Whelmed.

They've got more pictures that I intend to snatch and share with you before we leave them on Wednesday to fend for themselves in this unpredictable land. We will be embarking on a long road trip to Germany, and Czech Republic, and Hungary, and Austria, and back to Germany, and then home to Italy. We hope to leave bright and early Wednesday morning, and I hope to be diligent and good about bringing ya'll along for the ride. And I also hope that Alaina has more patience in her car seat. She doesn't like the thing after an hour or so... Wish us luck.

Oh, and here we all are in Rome back in October (Alaina's in my belly).


And here we are in Rome yesterday.


Have a good Monday and check back here for more fun and excitement from Europe. 

contemplating how he can become Spiderman on the Spanish Steps

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