Saturday, July 28, 2012

a smattering of things we've consumed

Lavender macaroons at a "Parisian" cafe in Budapest
 We like to eat.
Ice coffee, pistachio ice cream sundae, yogurt mango/mint smoothie from a fancy cafe in Vienna where Franz Schubert liked to chill after composing some masterpieces.
 We like to taste whichever culture we're in. 

Hungarian goulash from a roadside cafe just after entering Hungary

Weisbeer on the top of a mountain in Oberammergau
Tony likes to research good places to eat and then go out searching for them as we traipse across the towns or cities we're in. (He's a US Navy trained navigator, you know...)

There are cafes and eateries that entice you with every single step you take in European cities.

We have a small baby in tow, which requires us to stop and feed her.

My new favorite picture of Alaina. Taken by her amazing father.
 This all adds up to us eating (and drinking) a lot over here.

Viennese square noodles from Cafe Central, where Sigmund Freud used to sit, smoke cigars, and psychoanalyze himself.

Salmon and zucchini covered in dill sauce at a Rick Steve's recommendation in Budapest.

Graham's hamburger from the same place. Best hamburger in the world.
Chicken in yogurt sauce cooked in a clay pot from the same place. Delicious. Good job, Rick Steves!

Hot chocolate, piece of macaroon, and an apple/mango/cinnamon smoothie from that "Parisian" cafe in Budapest

Salad from the Great Hall Market in Budapest

And, believe me, that's not even the half of it...

I'll do better about taking pictures and posting these things if it's something you're interested in.


  1. OMYGOD! Why aren't I in your stroller?? I'm not that big to push am I? Now I'm hungry and my frig isnt' very inviting. And dang it, don't want to make another 'costco' run. nothing there would compare! AND I LOVE THE PIC OF ALAINA!!TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR WORDS!

  2. wish I was there with you all....can not even imagine what you all have seen...tasted and experienced....hopefully soon.....