Saturday, July 14, 2012

keep on rollin'

Since Tuesday, we've bidden farewell to our friends with a dinner at Mariella's.

not sure what's going on with my hand and Graham's hair, but let's ignore that and instead look at the hands of Graham and Amanda
Driven to the Dolomites and spent a night in a quaint town called Ora.

view from our patio in the Dolomites
 Driven a bit further North to Ettal, Germany.

our hotel (view from the town below)

Graham, Alaina, and I spent a day walking the mountain trails around Ettal and checking out the town and the monastery.

And now we've settled into Oberammergau, Germany (pictures and details to come) where we'll be staying for the week while 007 does some work at the NATO school.

I've consumed several sausages, beers, potatoes, and (surprisingly) a few delicious salads. I'm devouring the cool, refreshing mountain air, and loving the amazing walking/jogging trails.

I'm looking forward to some quiet days meandering the town with my kids and sharing our experiences with you.

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