Wednesday, December 12, 2012


 My pa turns 60 today.

Since he's my very most loyal blog reader/commenter, this post is for him.

Happy, happy, happy birthday, Dad.

Feels like yesterday that I was sitting on the floor surrounded by crayons and coloring books and trying desperately to make my pictures look as good as yours.

Time flies.

Couldn't get Alaina to hold still, so she's a bit blurry. She loves attention from her big bro.

Enjoy celebrating your life today, and keep on rockin in the free world.

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  1. Thank YALL!! I saw, on our skype visit last Sunday, that Alaina not only loves attention from her big bro, she demands it. I still do the coloring book thang. Devon is my coloring buddy. He suprised me with a very nice, home made, b'day card last Sunday. He drew a fish, some mountains, and some dinosaur bones. He's really into dinosaurs. He doesn't like school, "six and a half hours, every day, Grandpa!", but he does very well. They divide the class into groups, according to their learning ability, and he's in the top group in every subject, especially math and reading. His penmanship is almost as impressive as your's was at that age.
    Melissa & Arnie invited us up, on Sunday, for white, chicken chillie (yumyum) and homemade devil's food b'day cake. (super-yum-yum). Melissa is a good cook and a great maker of cakes. They got me a Pink Floyd, The Wall, tee-shirt for my b'day. Let's try to do a skype visit this Sunday, eh? I'll try to have Devon here. We had an excellant connection last Sun. when Tracy called and Graham answered. We love and miss yall, more than ever. Loves&Hugs, T&me&KatieBelle (the wonder dachshund)