Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Here's a little reflection on the things I'm enjoying at the moment.

Babies playing in my living room.

 The way we redesigned our living area. Much more cozy than before.

 My view. Always.

Back to Nature Bar Harbor Mix.  All my favorite flavors in one bag. I reward myself with it every time I make the dreaded trip to the Commissary. When we were in our mad dash to get out of the house while I was in labor with Alaina, it was the only food item I grabbed from the cupboard. It was the first thing I wanted and ate after giving birth. Supposedly, there are eleven servings in there. I tend to eat them all in one day.

My new rain boots (not pictured). I finally, finally, finally bought some this year and I can't believe I've gone my whole life without them. Somebody should have told me how life altering they can be. Geeze.

Scarves (also not pictured). Tis the season for scarves.

The song "Oh Holy Night" (again, not pictured). Always tears at my heartstrings.

 And, of course, pictures of my kids.

I hope you never get sick of them, because I can't stop myself from taking them and posting them. 

Get out and enjoy something today.

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  1. You've got to be "kid"ing!! Da mo' photos, da betta da blog!! Da mo' kid photos, da betta da betta da blog!! I save and share lots of your blog pics. I have a ton of photos on file, and at least a half a ton of them are of the Blaine family. Keep 'em coming!!!! Loves&Hugs, T&mee