Sunday, December 16, 2012

a holiday card

If the thought of actually taking the time and having the organizational skills necessary for planning holiday photos, putting them on cute cards, finding addresses, addressing envelopes,  buying stamps, and remembering to put the cards into the mail didn't make me shudder and want to run for the hills, then chances are, you, wonderful blog reader, would be on my holiday card list and you would receive a crisp and neat card from me.

 However, I like to think that my family needs me from time to time and would not like the idea of me running off to the hills. So, for the sake of sanity in the Ramblin' Fam household, I give you this in lieu of my holiday card.

Graham said, "Mom. Do you think that was the real Santa?"

"I don't know, Graham. You know how Santa has his helpers that dress up like him for pictures around this time of year. That one did look pretty real, though, huh?"

"Yes, Mom. His cheeks were really rosy."

I said, "Hey Graham, did you think that Santa was real?" I couldn't help myself. I mean, come on. Look at that beard. Geeze.

Graham said, "I don't think so. He didn't have rosy cheeks."

Meanwhile, I really wish I knew Alaina's thoughts on the matter...

Glad tidings.

Good cheer.

Happy Holidays.

the Ramblin' Fam.

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  1. Ho-Ho-Hoin' in the 21st century!!! If Tracy had not whipped a couple of crash courses on me, (cell-phone 101 and basic compooter for dummies)I would still be expecting Christmas cards from and your sibs, via snail mail. haha But I am very pleased with the convienence provided by these here majic type writers that send letters, messages, noticies, AND photos, with just a click of button.I remember the 1st time I heard the phrase, "snail mail". YOU used to poke fun at me after you started school in Spokane and I asked you for your mailing address. You answered; "Which one, email or snail mail?" I didn't know what the heck you were talkin' about. These 2 photos of Santa with the kids are kinda Christmas cardish. Graham, it looks like THE St. Nick to me. It looks like Alaina is wanting to do a "grab-the-beard" test. ho-ho.