Thursday, December 13, 2012

9 months.

Alaina Marie Blaine.

Nine months old today.

She'd like to crawl, but she keeps slipping and going backward.

She'd also like to be able to stand on her own, but doesn't seem to have the leg muscles, yet.

She claps when you say, "Yay!"

She understands when you ask if she wants to eat, and she can do sign language for the word, "more." It looks a lot like clapping, but I like to think she understands the difference.

She prefers foods she can pick up and eat herself as opposed to being spoon-fed. 

She loves people. She smiles at everyone and holds her hand out to them.

She likes to get out and about and explore the world.

She's usually pretty content and keeps to her routine really well, but when she's bored or annoyed, she is sure to let you know with her rather loud voice. 

Her favorite thing in the world is still her brother, but the dog we are dog-sitting at the moment is coming in at a very close second. It's pretty entertaining to watch her interact with a giant yellow lab.

I can't believe she's been out in this world for nine months. I'm continuing to enjoy and savor every day with her.

She also told me that she hopes ya'll can find a reason to smile today. 

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  1. You put big smiles on Tracy&me today, Miss Alaina. I remember when your brother used to sign for more. Give your Mom & Dad & Brother great big hugs for me. I would sure love to give YOU big hugs, but for now, I'm so glad to see your precious face on this here compooter screen.