Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Aunt Libbey is coming to town

Aunt Libbey and Graham, August 2007

We're just over here fluffing pillows and making cookies while we wait for Aunt Libbey to arrive.

She'll be here tomorrow afternoon.

We've got quite the trip in store for her.

First up, Graham's school Christmas program on Friday.

Saturday, we'll drive to Matera where we'll spend two nights and explore the surrounding areas.

Monday, Christmas Eve, we plan to stop in Bari and visit the remains of Saint Nicholas, then drive home.

Tuesday, Christmas at the Blaine House!

Wednesday through Friday, we'll show her all the sights around Naples.

Saturday, we'll take her to Rome for one night. Not much time, but all the hotels and apartments are extremely expensive this time of year.

Sunday night, we'll come home.

Monday, New Year's Eve, we'll gear up for a party my friend is throwing and Libbey will get to see the magic of New Year's Eve in Naples!

Tuesday, we'll drive to Florence where we'll stay until Friday.

Saturday, sadly, she'll fly back to Chicago.


How's that for someone who doesn't like to plan?

Okay, Aunt Libbey. Hurry up and get here! 

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  1. Yipppppeeee for Aunt Libbey!!!!! Hope she got out of Chicago ahead of this storm that is, at this very moment, (6:45 a.m. eastern time) dumping cold rain on sw Michigan and white stuff just a few miles north of here. Hope your plans go smoothly. Good weather and no train door incidents. haha Grahambo, you make sure and don't let them pinch crazy, Eyetowlyun boys and them US Navy sailor boys leave Aunt Libbey alone, if she wants them to.haha I'm jealous, of course, but since Libbey is one of my favorite peeps in the whole world, I hope she has the most perfect Holiday Season EVER. lOVES&HUGS&MERRYCHRISTMAS!!!!! from T&me