Friday, November 18, 2011

bump on the blog

24 weeks.

I think.

I've lost all track of time.

We are currently deeply engrossed in the enrichment of our lives through all the art and culture in Paris.

I hope to return on Sunday with much to share.


  1. I love this picture. You look amazing. Can't wait to hear about your time in the beautiful city of Paris.

  2. Maybe name les bump, Collett, after the little girl in "Les Miserables", wee? I can't wait to see the photos that I'm sure you took after you jogged to the top of that lil' ol' tower.

  3. baby bump show off yo sick abs baby!

  4. much love from jts and mes in spokenya warshinton the sickest fools you know up in diz jointnyall

  5. Look at your beautiful baby bump! You look awesome!