Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Italian Hospitality is Spelled: The Blaine's, by Grandma Kelly (photos by Grandpa Kelly)

Jaw dropping beauty Everywhere!  If it isn't the rugged Amalfi Coast, the Tuscany golden fields, or just plain sitting on the Blaine's tiled patio or kitchen enjoying a view of the Bay that takes your breath away; life just doesn't get any better. We have been wined and dined, belly's feasting on pizza pie, raw steak, pure chocolate hot cocoa. Like I said, life just doesn't get any better.


Yeah, yeah, I know that getting to know little Graham is an enjoyable wonder that I hadn't expected to be so much fun.  He likes to tease Great Grandpa.  He can lie on the floor playing with his little cars muttering voices of all their antics.  In other words, he's a one man circus!  Graham treasures his mom with a feisty passion. Sitting together on the couch, learning to read, you can see misty eyes in mommy so proud of his accomplishments.  Daddy comes home and the world turns upside down and away the two boys go playing games only they know. Graham crab legging across the floor like a spider, Daddy hoisting him up on this back to play run away horsey. "More, More, More Daddy!"

Sharing with Katherine today the amazing things we have gotten to do.  We have traveled to the famous places, the hometown places, the 'who knows where' places, the scary places


(Halloween you know!). In other words, as far as I'm concerned, we've seen it all!  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know we didn't go to ALL the places, but all I can say, is wow, what a wonderful land Katherine, Tony and Graham get to live in. And, how lucky Italy is for having them live here!


Special thanks to my namesake and grandmother, Katherine Zent Kelly, and to my grandpa who can do anything, Larry Michael Kelly, for contributing in so many ways to the Ramblin' Fam! 


  1. Kathy, you tell it so well. And the photo of all of yall at the table puts the perfect exclaimation point on it. If this comment is tinted green, it's just a little envy I spilled on it. The way you "show" the family interactions with Grahm, makes me miss him (and them) more than ever. Give 'em hugs from me, Bill

  2. tony loves da lemoncello es muy bueno y muy gusto tu estas mi amogos muy bueno por todos los dias muy gusto mucho jeremias smith