Thursday, November 3, 2011

alive and well

I just wanted to let you know that we're currently alive and well in Florence, Italy.

It sure was neat to see the looks on the faces of Grandma and Grandpa when their eyes met the Duomo (Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore) for the first time. 

For a minute, I was worried I might have to perform CPR. Their jaws were dropped in awe, and I don't think either of them breathed for at least five minutes.

Understandably, Florence can have that effect on people...


  1. Awesome! So glad to hear you're doing well and still enjoying your adventures. I LOVED Florence! I felt the same way when I first saw the Duomo. And the bridges at night ... breathtaking! I hope you're feeling well and that Baby Blaine #2 is treating you okay!

  2. Still hoping G'ma K will do a little co-blog. Come on Kathy! I remember, I think, of a time when you were all excited about getting to gander at the Pope in Denver. As for me, my jaw (jowls) drop everytime I see a new photo of Grahmbo. Tracy just bought me a tv that has a slot for SD cards. We have been looking at 42 in. photos of the boy from my OKC springtime '08 visit, our Sept. '08 OKC visit, G'ma Howell's funeral May, '09 (Tracy shot some very touching photo's at the cemetary) and from our Feb. 2010 OKC visit. Loves&Hugs&Bellyrubs, T&me