Wednesday, November 30, 2011

artsy in Paris

In the land of a zillion and seven artistic masterpieces, I got inspired to be a little more artsy with my camera.

These are my attempts at art.


Don't worry. I won't quit my day job.

Wait. I don't have a day job.


So, I guess I'll just keep practicing.


  1. Katherine! These are absolutely beautiful! You definitely could have a day job if you wanted one. Love, love, love them. I know I saw you taking some weird/strange angles and now I know the potential you and your camera have. keep up the great work. Love and miss you all, Grandma Kelly

  2. Beautiful photos Katherine...your art is very impressive. Esp. your last shot of the G man in leaves up to his shoulders. I love it and can figure out if he looks more like he's emerging or sinking...I guess the ambiguity is the best part! :)

  3. These are so so so wonderful! Keep doing what you are doing. The world needs to see more of the way you see the world.