Thursday, November 10, 2011

funny story

Good news! I've got internet!

And we're happy as clams here in Paris!

Let me tell you a quick story.

Every night, I give Graham lots of kisses as I tuck him in bed. We do butterfly kisses, fish kisses, Italian kisses (one kiss on each cheek), regular kisses, Eskimo kisses, etc...

Tonight, since we're in France, Graham asked, "Mom, how do you do a French kiss?"


image source

Tell me, now. How would you have answered that question??


  1. Briskly kiss him on each cheek, take one step back, salute, hand him your imagenary sword, and say, "I surrender".

  2. Hahaha! Kids are so funny. And the things they say at 4 are just hilarious, huh? We bathed Benjamin & Andrew together last night and he was so excited to "help" Mommy and "share" his toys with Andrew. In his excitement Ben proclaimed, "It's like we're married!". Ummmm??? Mike and I are praying he doesn't repeat this today at preschool. ;) -Megan

  3. LOL, that is hysterical!!!! Thank you for posting this story :)