Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a content big brother

Graham's first and foremost concern when we told him we'd be having a baby in the family was how in the world we were going to feed the thing.

"Um," he said, "We're going to need some baby spoons so we can feed it."

"You're right, Graham, but first the baby will just need milk. Hopefully, if all goes well, milk from Mom."

"Yes, but what about milk in a bottle so I can feed it?"

"Well, we can put Mom's milk in a bottle and you can help feed. No worries."

That suited him just fine.

Then, Shablaina came along and was such a good breastfeeder that I never got around to teaching her how to use a bottle because it was never a necessity. So, well, she never learned. Then she simply  wouldn't take a bottle, so Graham never got to feed the baby like he'd hoped.

Until this week when Shablaina decided to go on a full blown "nursing strike," and only wanted milk from bottles.

A streak of anxiety for me.

A dream come true for Big Brother Grahambo.


  1. Katie, I gotta say the pic of Grammy with Balaina is the cutest one I've ever seen. My goodness, she looks like she could carry him! Is she as tall as she looks? Love love lovit!

  2. So cute! Did she ever go back to nursing? Only curious. :)