Tuesday, October 9, 2012



We survived it.

Even with the kids. 


We got in a tent, ate some pretzels, drank some beer, and went on some rides.


Graham even braved the big roller coaster. He said he didn't like it, though, because it hurt his stomach.

And, yes, I survived turning thirty. I felt especially old watching all the college kids drink themselves silly. But, I felt comfortable with my oldness.

On the night of my birthday, we got a babysitter and hit up the fest sans kids. It was liberating and thrilling and, thanks to the man who spontaneously gave us some tickets, we got free beers. We had to wait and get jostled by the tent bouncers, but we eventually were allowed in and served by Thomas. We "prosted" and laughed and talked and even rode the ferris wheel. We felt like kids again.

It was romantic and lovely.

It was a perfect ending to my twenties.

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  1. What a great birthday celebration! Yay for 30s! And what fantastic people watching...just in your photos it looks like a potentially hilarious situation. I esp. like the guy outside the Lowenbrau who looks like he's being held up...I hope that wasn't the actual situation and rather just being defensive in the conversation. Cheers to you Katherine! Ein prosit! :)