Friday, October 12, 2012

a little more on Munich

Well, I said we survived Oktoberfest, but I didn't say we survived without a little hurting. I've been laying low, feeling a bit sick this week. The festivities in Munich may have had something to do with it...

You might be wondering why we've been to Germany so much, lately. When we decided to go to Oktoberfest for my birthday because you just have to go to Oktoberfest if you live in Europe, it was long before 007 suddenly had two work trips to do over there. His schedule can be a bit shifty, you know.  If 007 gets to work anywhere in Europe, rather than Africa, I like to go with him because it's affordable and fun. So, that is why we've spent a good deal of time in Bavaria these past few months.

Surfing in Munich? Yep. They have this cool wave on the river in the middle of the giant city park.

We rented bikes one afternoon, which caused me to reflect on the huge age difference between our kids. One is so small, we had to strap her down tight to keep her from falling out. The other is bursting out the top with his legs crunched up...

Big ole coo coo clock.

"Shablaina," Graham's nickname for his sister.

I completely appreciate the walk/bike lanes over there. Especially after living in Naples where sidewalks are as rare as white rhinos.

We ate at the Augustiner beer hall/restaurant that wasn't destroyed in World War II.

Of course, we visited some churches.
Not pictured: all the amazing, famous art we viewed. We love art museums.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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