Monday, October 1, 2012

the hokey pokey

I never imagined it would be this hard to figure out what to do for my son's Kindergarten education. I've been reading and researching curriculum and home school ideas and dancing the hokey pokey with my 5 year old like nobody's business. But, have you ever done the hokey pokey with just one other person? It's, well, it's sad. After a valiant effort, I have to admit that home school simply doesn't jive with me.

I tried home school, not because I felt it was a calling and something I was destined to do, but because I felt trapped. I really don't like the other options for school for him around here, so I thought I could do it myself. And I can do it, I think. I just don't really want to, and I think Graham would benefit more by having others to help stimulate his mind throughout the day.

So, last week, I talked to some people and heard that the school where Graham went last year has made some good changes. Everything I didn't like about it last year seems to have changed. And so, we're giving it another try.

Today was Graham's first day there.

He was excited and he said he liked it, but it only took a few minutes of him being home for me to remember some of the reasons I didn't like the school. First and foremost, his farts smell really bad when he gets home from school you guys. Seriously. I don't know what they put in their pasta. Second, he's exhausted and sort of mean and a little more difficult for me to handle. I imagine that has to do with the fact that he's been in another culture and language all day and it is probably hard to switch back. We can work on this. Third, he told me they still put the "babies" in his classroom at times, which is a big problem for me. Terrible two-year-olds do not mix well with Graham. They take his things and hit him and make him paranoid. Ugh. This is something they told me they'd changed, but, clearly, they didn't. Should I say something? Probably.

So, here I am again. Wavering. Uncertain what to do. Worried that Graham will fall behind and never make it to American first grade.

A lot of times when I can't make a decision, I leave it to Graham to do it for me. So, I asked him if he'd rather do home school or Italian school.

His answer?

"Mom. We can do both. You can teach me at home and my teacher can teach me at school. I can go to school some days and stay home some days."

Not a bad idea, Graham. Except for the whole skipping school on some days part, I think that just might work.

Somewhere, Graham saw a "cool older kid" swoop his hair to the side and so that is how he insists on having his hair.


  1. Love the new Pictures of Graham! What a handsome dude! Am glad i never had to make the 'schooling' decisions you new parents do. When it was time to go, they went. however, i do think that either way is good. Sometimes it turns out better than you thought and then, just the opposite. Just don't stress yourself out. You guys are doing a wonderful job of parenting, which is what you are supposed to do. Love ya kiddos!

  2. What a doll...and such a big boy. Love his cell phone, big boy hair and all stars. What a tough decision. Can't blame you with the homeschool thing. Wish I had it in me to even attempt--it can be so great for the kids...the best I think if you can do it right but I would be miserable if I had to be mom and formal teacher. So fun to watch your babies grow. And so sad too--they grow too fast. I want to kiss sweet Alaina. I second the neighbor thing--wish our boys could play with their light sabors (spell?) and run wild in the woods and our girls could suck on each others fingers and toes. Lots and lots of love to you and Tony and kiddos.