Wednesday, October 3, 2012

a lesson in letting go


If the desire to horde is genetic, then our kids are destined to have houses full of treasures that simply cannot be thrown away. Some people in my or Tony's families like to, how shall I say this? Keep stuff. Collect things. Tony and I fight our desire to hold on to things on a regular basis. I'm just lazy, so I don't know how to organize and sort and throw things away. Tony's more of the sentimental type and actually likes to look at and sort and keep the "important" things. I must say, though, considering where we came from, we are doing pretty okay. Moving with the Navy has certainly helped us. Although, we do still have a car back in Spokane and God knows what else in a storage area somewhere in Oklahoma. Other than that and our disorganized pile of junk in our storage nook downstairs, I think we're doing pretty okay.

We hope Graham will learn to be more okay than us, so we had him burn his sticker board that he's been working on since Alaina was born. He earned his 100 stickers, got his toy (light saber), and so it was time to throw away the board that was originally made from a box he insisted we keep. Hmm. I was ready to throw it out with Tuesday's recycling, Graham said, "No. Absolutely not." Tony suggested we burn it to the ground. Graham and I applauded this suggestion.

Graham had no problems letting go once the lighter was in his hand. 


Time to move on. Time to let go. 


Time, for a new sticker board.

I share this with you as I struggle to let go of something a bit less tangible. Something I couldn't horde even if I tried, and something I definitely cannot burn to ashes. I'm talking about my age. My twenties. I'll be done with them in a few short days and this has got me all twisted up inside. I don't want to be done with my twenties. Not yet.

But, I have no choice, right? I mean, it's time. It's happening. Now is the time. The time is now.

Time to let go.

 Time, for a new decade.

Giddy up. 


  1. Best. Post. Ever. 30's aren't so bad, the lead up was way worse than crossing the line.

  2. I left my 20s behind the same year that you were born. Quite the coincidence, eh? Loves&Hugs, Dad.

  3. For some reason my 29th birthday was the one I fussed over. Since it was 49 years ago, my memory is sorta fussy too. I just remember having a very difficult time accepting? or whatever it was. After that birthday, i've loved every other one! One time I told your mom that the 50's were the bomb! So to tell the truth, it only gets better. Just think of how smart you are every day you get another day. Love ya kiddo!

  4. Yes! break the hoarding cycle! So proud of your parenting!

  5. I just let go of my 20s in June. I love being 30. Just saying it makes me feel wise. ha. People take me more seriously when I say I'm 30 too. It's been an interesting dynamic, but I love it. I know you'll find the frosting in it.