Friday, February 17, 2012

bump on the blog

37 weeks!

I experienced a bit of "false labor" last night. Such a strange sensation, but I knew what it was this time, since I'd experienced it with Graham. It got me all excited and nervous, though. I tell you what!

I also had a visit with the doctor yesterday, and discovered that the baby's head is down, and my belly has dropped a bit. All signs point to a healthy baby being born any day now. Or it could be a week from now. Or two weeks. Or four.

And, so I wait, wait, wait.

Anyway, here's a picture of the old bump. It was taken on Tuesday. By Graham, because I can't seem to wrangle Tony during the daylight hours that are more flattering for photos. He's always busy working. I could only get Graham to take the time to take one picture of me. He said he really needed to go to the bathroom, so he wouldn't take another one. Little rascal. So, I cropped my head off, because I really didn't like the look on my face, and I didn't think you would, either.

In other news, it's my big brother's birthday today.

Happy birthday, Big Brother! I hope you're having a good, good, day.


  1. 37 weeks!?! Where has the time gone?! Yesterday we had Andrew's NINE month checkup. Hope that you are as comfortable as can be in these last few weeks. I'm excited to hear about Baby Blaine's arrival! Take care!

  2. Gosh I am in love with your baby bump. Thanks to Graham for taking the picture so you could share it with us! Sending all my thoughts and prayers to you guys~I can't wait to hear the good news!!! Love, Teran