Thursday, February 9, 2012

progress in my fleeting desire to sometimes procrastinate less

Well, it's Thursday evening over here, and I am just now showing you what we did last weekend.

It could be worse. It could be next Thursday that I'm just now getting around to showing you what we did last weekend.

A true optimist am I. Always looking on the bright side.

Last Saturday, we went down to the waterfront in Naples, and then we walked up and down some of its alley ways and streets and found an art museum where they had a display of guitars, but I'll tell you about the museum tomorrow.

I love to walk and observe and soak in all the character of Naples.


I'm pretty sure the people here are true optimists, too. Because, clearly, they believe that their clothes will still dry in the rain if they just put a tarp over them. 

Naples + Katherine = Love. 

In other news, the progress I've made in my fleeting desire to sometimes procrastinate less is that I got out the ole infant car seat today and cleared away all the dust and cobwebs. I also got the bassinet all cleaned and ready to be put together. Then, I got out some newborn clothes and washed them and put them away, along with some diapers. So, I'd say I'm doing pretty darn good considering the fact that I am still a few weeks away from my due date, rather than doing all of this several weeks postpartum.

And, since we're being positive here, I won't mention the mess I left in the storage room that will most likely still be there for months.

Okay, fine, I'll be real for a minute and admit that it will probably be there for years.

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