Saturday, February 25, 2012

bump on the blog

38 weeks + 4 days...

Going to the doctor and hearing that one's cervix is already dilated to 3 centimeters (almost 4!) while simultaneously feeling all of the "pre-labor" symptoms tends to get one very excited that she will be giving birth in the next couple of days (even though one is still 10 plus days away from her prescribed due date), so one tends to tell all her friends and get her son excited, too, only to sort of wish she wouldn't have jumped the gun on telling people and getting so excited when she wakes up two days later still pregnant with no real contractions....

Graham's expression says it all. "Come on, little baby. I need you to start coming out so I can go over to my friend's house to play, and I would really love if you came at night so that I can have a sleepover." It's a good thing I've learned a bit about child development and know that a four-year-old is rather egocentric and is not capable of seeing a world much bigger than the one that revolves solely around himself. I'm just glad he's looking forward to the whole thing.

So, Graham's ready, I'm ready, Tony's ready, and even the baby is in position and ready to go. I mean, the doctor said he could feel his head. Right there. Ready to come out! We're all just wait, wait, waiting for my uterus to decide that it's ready, too.

I woke up last night feeling some more intense contractions, but then I told my uterus that I needed some more sleep and asked it to please start the process in a couple of hours... Now, it's 5 hours later and I sort of wish I wouldn't have done that, because now I have to keep waiting. Woops. But at least I feel rested!

Here's hoping that this is the last installment of my "bump on the blog series," and that I don't have to continue reporting on my cervix and uterus, because I realize that might make some of you a little uncomfortable.

Keep us in your thoughts and well-wishes, and we'll keep you posted!

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  1. I think you are just pulling a fast one on all of us, that is a basketball under your shirt! hahaha