Tuesday, February 7, 2012

reasons to celebrate

 Today is a day worth celebrating, folks. It's not everyday that your namesake and grandmother turns 70 years old and your pregnancy reaches its 36th week all at the same time!  Pretty exciting, if you ask me. I mean, a 70 year birthday needs no explanation, but you're probably wondering why 36 weeks is so exciting. It's not like I'm to full term or anything, right?  But it does mean I have 2 weeks until I reach 38 weeks, which is considered full term, which means that I am 2 weeks away from being to the point where I could go into labor in 2 to 4 weeks. It means that this pregnancy is coming to an end and we'll have a new little life to celebrate pretty soon. It means I need to clean the basement and clear away some of the mold growing on the ceiling. It means that I AM GOING TO GIVE BIRTH! AGAIN! SOON! It means it's ALL HAPPENING! Now, do you understand why I'm so excited about reaching 36 weeks of pregnancy?

Anyway, happy, happy, happy birthday, Grandma. I wish I could give you a big hug and sit and talk with you all day long. You inspire me as I continue this crazy trek through motherhood. I hope you have yourself a great day and do something wonderful to celebrate.

Like, buy a baby changing table/dresser, which is what I did! Never did get around to getting one for Graham, so I'd call this progress in my fleeting desire to sometimes procrastinate a little less. Yay! Another reason to celebrate!

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