Wednesday, May 15, 2013

catching up

I'm so far behind.

So much fun has been had. 

Here's a quick recap on our adventures from last weekend.

 Lauren got here on the 5th of May, and she is still here!


Last weekend, Tony's cousin and her family spent one night with us.


We showed them Naples.

We showed them how to cook food in Naples.


We showed them how to enjoy good music and green shoes in Naples. 


We showed them Alaina. They loved Alaina.

We showed them the Amalfi Coast and Positano. Our favorite.


And we showed them how to eat. A lot.


There really is something magical about a family bond. This is Tony's mom's cousin and her family. She met Tony when he was a kid and they hadn't seen each other again until last year when we visited them in the Netherlands. Amazingly, it feels as though we've known each other forever. We talk with ease and get along just great. We're so glad they made it down for a visit!

 I'll end there.

For now.

Stay tuned for more of my catching up!


  1. My goodness!!! There sure is a whole heap of pretty and sweet in the 1st photo. Sista's fo' ever. At 1st glance, I thought the young lady stirring the bowl, WAS Tony's Mom! I guess it's because the 1st time I met Tony's Mom, she was busy scurrying around the kitchen, at the bbq party the week of yall's wedding. She, and her beautiful family, look like they are enjoying their visit. I really love the photo of the kids playing "hem in Alaina". haha Love & miss yall. Dad.