Thursday, May 23, 2013

let's talk about my kids for a quick minute

We'll start with Alaina-Shablaina-Sis-Princepessa, because she would have it no other way.

She's around 14.5 months old and she still chooses to crawl. Sometimes, she'll get up on her feet and stand and look at you with an expression that says, "Look at me! I am so wonderful," then she'll take a few steps into your arms and make you feel like you are the greatest thing on the planet.

She's still got some sas and takes things seriously, but I've noticed a change since Lauren has been here. She's been goofing off a lot more and trying hard to laugh. I don't think it comes easily to her, because her laugh sounds a little forced at times.

Probably the best thing about her right now is the way she reacts when Tony walks in the door. I'll have to try to video it, because no words can make you understand the excitement that pours out of her when she sees him and exclaims,"Dada Dada Dada Dada!" And then, you she see the look on Dada's face. Heart melting.

Now we'll talk about Graham Man - Grahmbo - G Unit - BROTHER. I feel like you know him, because his personality has not changed since he was tiny. He is sweet, caring, and pretty laid back about most everything. Some things get him riled up, though. Like not winning a race, or when you don't say the lines he's given you during pretend play exactly right. Or, when he has to walk and walk and walk really far and up hill. That inducing a little whining, but nothing that can't be overcome.

He is starting to be more polite and considerate, which makes our hearts swell and makes all our efforts at reminding him to say "please" well worth it.

One thing that concerns me a little with him at the moment is his lack of motivation. He likes to play. Just play, play, play, and play. I suppose this is typical? But I really have to coax him along to get him to read or write or get dressed or anything that doesn't involve play. He spends a lot of time in his own world talking with imaginary people. He really gets into it, which is why I think it is hard to pull him out of it to make him do something mundane like brushing his teeth. I feel like I've mentioned this before.

It is fun being able to talk with him about things that are a little more grown up. His reactions are always interesting and he's always okay with a little grey area. He doesn't mind saying "Sometimes people do this, and sometimes they do that." I hope he can continue to be so accepting and understanding.

Oh, and he's tall. And skinny. And tall. Very tall.

And I love him.

I love him very much.

Thank you for listening.

Means the world.


  1. love having some insight into your littles :)

  2. Thank YOU for sharing!!! Lazy Lil'Laina takes after her G'pa Bill. Sorry 'bout that. haha Melissa said Devon was at least 14 mo. old when he started walking. Grahmbo's tall genes comes from all sides of the family, and he's bound to be slim, considering the fact that he was taking 5 mile, morning jogs, before he was even born. haha Your blog sure does help alliviate the "I Miss My Grandkids, Blues". Keep it up. Loves&Hugs, Dad