Wednesday, May 29, 2013

let's just do it

Last weekend, we ventured into the Abruzzo Mountains to take advantage of a special deal at a tiny bed and breakfast nestled in the middle of nowhere.

After a chilled hike up to a little church, we asked Graham, "Do you want to keep hiking and make it to the lake?"

"Sure. Let's just do it."

The next day, we said, "Hey Graham, do you want to try to hike up to some snow and have a snowball fight?"

"Yes. Let's just do it."

Then we asked him if we should have a picnic next to another lake or just hit the road and go home.

"Let's just do a picnic!"

Finally, we asked, "Graham do you want to get in the freezing cold lake water?"


Even though it is starting to rain/sleet and we are going to freeze?

"Let's just do it."



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