Monday, May 20, 2013

Ischia beckons

It's no secret that I spend hours upon hours gazing out my window at Ischia. There are times when it even beckons me and I consider slipping into my suit and swimming across the sea until I reach its shores. It feels close enough to touch.

In reality, the logistics of getting to Ischia involve driving to the port, finding a parking space, boarding a ferry boat (on foot), trying to avoid seasickness on said boat, waiting for buses, finding room on the bus, walking up hill and down hill and across hill, and sometimes an unplanned taxi ride, all the while coaxing along my children and then doing it all over again in order to get home. All adding up to a cost that usually leaves me saying, "Oh well. I'll just sit on my couch and imagine being on the sands of Ischia."

But, sometimes her beckon is so strong that even those logistics and costs can't stop me from visiting. This past weekend was one such time.

With Auntie Lauren in tow, we made our way across land and sea to the island. This time, we were smart and decided to spend the night so we didn't have to rush to catch ferries home. The combination of having Lauren along and a nice hotel room made all the walking and busing seem smooth and easy.


Plus, the kids were amazing. They enjoyed the natural thermal pools, the sweet treats, the long walks, the world class botanical gardens, and the beaches as much as I did.


The weekend couldn't have gone better. Just as we were approaching our car to hop in and drive home on Sunday afternoon, I made this remark to Lauren. I commented on how smoothly everything went and how the kids were simply amazing and how I want to go to Ischia every single day, now. Of course, reality did what it always does and crept its way into our perfect weekend. I opened the car door to put Alaina in her car seat only to find that it wasn't where we'd left it. And neither were all the left-over snacks we'd bought for Graham's tee ball team... Someone nabbed our car seat and juice pouches!

But you know what? I find myself saying "thank you" to the thieves and crowded buses. They remind me that my life is, in fact, real, and not some crazy fairytale.


  1. I can't believe someone would steal your car!!!! I hope by now, you have some hope that the police have found it. Was it the good Mercedes? Or the station wagon? Do you have insurance to replace it?
    However I am so happy that you had a wonderful day. Now I wish we had been able to visit Iscia too. It looks absolutely amazing.
    Uncle Mike and Aunt Pam said if you end up in Stuttgart, they just might plan to come and visit!! Love ya all

  2. Haha, no, our car was not stolen. Just the car seat! haha. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. I'm so sorry that happened to you guys! Maybe there is one on base you can borrow for the remainder of your time? The pictures looked gorgeous! So glad you & Lauren are having fun together-how could you not?!