Friday, May 3, 2013

looking foward

This weekend is gonna be great.

Tonight, we are going to dine on our patio.

Tomorrow, we are going to watch Graham attempt to play some tee ball (t-ball?) and go to his buddy's birthday party.

Sunday, we are going to feast on some Mexican/American/Italian cuisine to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with friends, because that is always a fun thing to do. Who knows? Maybe we'll even get a little crazy and catch some of the Kentucky Derby. What time does that thing start in the US?

But, before we do that, we are going to pick up Lauren from the train station!

Surprise! Auntie Lauren is coming to town! 


  1. That sounds like an amazing weekend, Miss Katherine and family!


  2. What a treat!!!! Please ask Graham and Alaina to give Auntie Lauren big hugs from G'pa Bill. And pats on the back for the amazing and dangerous job she does. The Derby airs on NBC, 4-7 pm eastern time. The longest 2 mins. in sports. haha I'm pullin' for MYLUTE, jockied by Rossie Napravnik. "I'll bet my money on the bob-tailed nag, if someone will bet on the bay."