Friday, May 17, 2013

when we're not out gallivanting

When we're not out dipping our toes in the salt water and our tongues in pasta sauces, we are here at home, working hard.

For those that don't know, Lauren works in Sudan with Catholic Relief Services. She was able to make this trip to our house because she is not able to get back into Sudan at the moment. The country requires an exit and re-entry visa every time she leaves the country. She is waiting for her re-entry visa to be processed, which, not surprisingly, is taking some time. She was in Seattle for her little brother's wedding and she was supposed to begin working remotely while she was there. That wasn't working so well due to the major time zone differences, so she suggested coming to Italy to work.

Awesome for me!

But, it has been a challenge.

She has to be on her computer most of the day. I try not to bother her with Alaina's antics, Graham's questions, and my mopping, diapering, and cooking (I had a total desperate housewife moment yesterday. I was scrubbing toilets when Tony called and asked if I could make a cheesecake for his boss's retirement party. Yes, that really happened). Meanwhile, Lauren tries to remain focused on her job so they will allow her to stay here and work until her visa is complete.

Fortunately, we know for certain that will not happen over the weekend, so we get a whole nother weekend with Lauren!

Ischia, here we come!

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  1. The beautiful Grandma Kathy Kelly in personMay 18, 2013 at 4:17 AM

    Well isn't that just the greatest news to have one of your very best mostest best friend getting to spend time with you. Tell her hi!