Tuesday, September 7, 2010


As a freshman in college, I set out with the goal study abroad in Florence during my junior year. I took Italian 101 and arranged my schedule so that I could take core classes while abroad. As a sophomore in college, when it was time to apply for the Gonzaga in Florence program, I went through a painful decision-making process and realized that going to Florence would mean I'd have to take a fifth year to complete my degree, it would cost more than I could afford, and I wanted to do something exotic and different from what everyone else was doing. So, rather than go to Florence with all my friends, I went to South Caicos for a semester and learned about fish and almost got eaten by a shark. That was fun and all, but as I heard stories from my best friends traipsing across Italy and the rest of Europe, I grew to regret my decision.

I realize, now, that it wasn't my time back then to experience this city. I learned that Florence is a city full of love and lovers,

and I was meant to experience its magnificence with the loves of my life.

We walked (a walked and walked and walked) together,

laughed together,

played together,

danced together,

shopped together,

ate together,

awed together,

and climbed 473 steps to the top of the world together.

I feel as though I am still there. On top of the world.

Florence, you were worth the wait.

And I'm glad I got to experience you together with my family.


  1. What great pictures!!! I'm so jealous! Small world: that picture with you and Tony with the square/market behind you is the same place our family stayed when we were in Florence.

  2. So beautiful Katherine!