Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the unknowns

Maybe it's because I am not a planner and sort of let life unfold as it will that I frequently find myself facing many unknowns. Or, maybe the unknowns are the reason I don't plan, because it is too frustrating to predict what may or may not happen. Either way, here I am facing what feels like a zillion unknowns. Again.

I don't know whether I'm going to work during our time here, whether we'll need another car, what our "neighborhood" will be like, whether/and/or/where Graham should go to pre-school, whether we will have another child in Italy, whether that possible child will be as nice and even-tempered as Graham, if I can find a good place to jog at our house once we finally move there (yes, this is important to me), what it is going to be like once we move off this support-site base, where to get an affordable couch, or what to have for dinner. The unknowns are making me a little crazy, and when I'm feeling crazy, I try to focus on the positive. On the things I do know. I do know that I am lucky right now because I get to live in Italy with the love of my life and our child and we just booked three nights in a hotel in Florence for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. Florence. I am going to Florence. For real. Sorry, I have to write it and say it over and over because I still keep feeling like I am in a dream.

A mysterious dream with lots of unknowns.

But still a dream.

Someone pinch me.

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  1. Katherine, I have loved reading your updates about your many adventures! I agree that unknowns can drive us crazy. When I feel that way, I just try to take one thing at a time, hard as that can be. Things have a way of working themselves out. I hope you have an absolutely fabulous time in Florence. That was one of my favorite cities in Italy! I loved the Duomo and the Florence Baptistry with Ghiberti's doors. The Uffizi museum is way cool, too. I'm excited to hear about your trip!