Monday, September 13, 2010

vesuvius, vesuvio

In North America, it is called "Vesuvius." In Italia, it is called "Vesuvio." Tomato, tomahto... When I here "Vesuvio," though, I can't help but say it in the way they say Rufio in the Peter Pan movie with Robin Williams. You know, when all the lost boys yell, "Ru-fi-ooooo!" That's how I say "Vesuvio." Say it with me, "Ve-su-vi-ooooooo!"

Still with me? No, okay, never mind.

The point is that we climbed a volcano yesterday. An active volcano! A volcano! A volcano that I've been looking at since we got here because it ascends above the city of Naples. You can see where our house is going to be (if, I mean when, we finally get to move into it) in this photo. Did I mention this was taken from the top of a volcano?!

Fortunately, the volcano had some vapors coming out of it, because after watching a "Little Einstein" movie about volcanoes, Graham was certain there was going to be smoke and firetrucks and lava at the top.

He worked very hard to make it to the top and was very pleased to see the "smoke" when he got there.

If nothing else, we can say for certain that Graham is going to be a rock-climber when he grows up. It's like an addiction. He can't resist climbing when he sees a rock.

Can someone please show this to Tony Wilson??

Sorry for being a bit scattered today and for using the word, "volcano" so many times...
Happy Monday!

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