Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the bird whisperer

There's a story about St. Francis that goes something like this.

St. Francis was on a journey with his companions when he stumbled upon some birds. Since there were so many birds of all different varieties, St. Francis got caught up in the moment and decided to go look at them. The birds, apparently, waited patiently for him, rather than scurrying off as he expected them to do. So, as any good monk would do, he decided to give them a sermon. He told them to be grateful to God, their Creator, for giving them wings and a home in the sky. The birds began to stretch their necks and flap their wings, which St. Francis interpreted as rejoicing. He walked right through the middle of them and they touched his tunic.

St. Francis blessed the birds and thanked God for the experience before rejoining his companions. After this experience, he was inspired to preach to all animals and became known as a sort of animal "whisperer." Legend has it that he even quieted a flock of noisy birds that were interrupting a religious ceremony.

This is the story that ran through my head as Graham attempted to befriend the birds outside the St. Francis Basilica.

Perhaps he's not the quite the saint I thought he was...

Maybe when he grows up??

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