Wednesday, December 8, 2010

he's gonna be a photographer

Thanks to a few quick lessons from Devin Francis, Graham started experimenting with photography. All of the above photos are unedited, or straight out of the camera, as true photogs would say, taken by the one and only Graham Thomas.

What do ya think?


  1. Take it from me, your SON is ADORABLE, and now he is TALENTED! Question: Does Graham get his own camera for Christmas? And his own box of batteries? The pictures are very good! As you know, talent begets talent. His being his wonderful mom and dad. Then comes the relatives.
    Two days ago I told GPA that I made an appt for Comet to be groomed. This morning I was struggling with the leash, a large cup of coffee, purse, bag with all my bible study stuff in it in the process of leaving the house to take Comet who is on the leash, to the groomer. GPA is in kitchen reading paper, I having told him goodbye, may or may not have watched me in my 'leaving' efforts. About 11:30 GPA shows up at St Peters asking do you know where the dog is. Yeah I said, he's at the groomers. How come you never told me. I did. Don't you remember. We talked about it. You even said how come you don't take him to the gal in the valley anymore. You know, sometimes a person has to wonder what the other person hears when you speak. Oh well, sure did give him a scare. Tells you how much he loves the dog. Or how much trouble he would be in if anything ever happened to his wife's favorite pet given to her by this adorable granddaughters mother. Chuckle chuckle.
    Last night we viewed Tara and Dans outdoor light display. Music, blinking lights, deer, santa and much more. Back deck lit with colorful lights. Kitchen cabinets with colored lights on top. Gorgeous real tree, nativity set up, santa and reindeer in a special spot.
    Years ago when we lived in Oregon, a friend gave me this set of white ceramic sleigh and reindeers. The antlers had gold embellished on them. I think there were 5 or 6 deer. Years later I found the perfect santa figurine who now sits in the sleigh. Red ribbon connects the entire group. Well, when Tara was in high school, she asked if I ever wanted to give away the set, could she have it. After all Colleen got the darling childlike nativity set that I had chalk painted in 1978. So that is why the sleigh and deer are such an important part of Tara's Christmas decorations.
    Do you have any about your Christmas? Or memories?
    I retrieved Comet at noon. His left ear was so matted that the girl had to scrape most of the hair out. She showed it to me and it looked like a toupee! He's abit thinner now and smells so nice.
    Have you ever heard of a Monte Christo? It's a sandwich with cheese and ham inside two thick slices of bread dipped in scrambled eggs and fried. Butter and hot syrup added when on your plate! I have some Cinnabon bread in the freezer and I'm going to make them tonight. I think I have some ham, otherwise if not, will fry up some bacon and put it inside the two slices of bread. Oh, yes,. I'm going to gently fry some sliced apple from the Chelan apple trees, until nearly soft, insert in in the sandwich. You know sometimes I scare myself, my imagination goes wild! \
    Well that reminds me of a story that you may or may not have heard. One day in high school, me a junior, Uncle Mike a freshman, i had to make lunch. Only bread and tuna available. Oh yes. Mustard too. So I whipped it out, tossed the tuna and yellow stuff together and sent it off in our lunch bags. I thought it was really good, a different slant on things. Uncle Mike wouldn't speak to me for days. He said, "expecting a tuna and maya sandwich and getting a dose of mustard has ruined my love of tuna sandwiches forever!" True story!
    Well sweetness, since you forever made me the most favorite person in your 'mail' life, you may or may not regret that I may or may not be writing silly stuff to you forever! At least it may feel like it after awhile. I know I'm being just too vain, but that too can be overcome!
    I love you so much. Give your handsome hubby and talented photographer son and big hug and kiss from me!

  2. Yes indeed! I'll get Tracy to turn those into "real" photos and start "Grahm's Gallery". She has already assymbled one that features photos of Grahmbo,(100 photos), and one that features all 3(only 3?)of my 'Granders'.