Wednesday, August 4, 2010


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Also known as Bosephus, Grahambo, G-Money, G-Unit, and most recently, Grahambino. He is 37 months old and has loved every second of his life. Some things he especially enjoys are: Cars (the movie, and any toy on wheels), playing in sand, Curious George, pizza, gelato, bread, all kinds of fruit, reading stories, swimming and playing in any sort of water, babies, animals, asking a million questions a day, the word, "why," wrestling, traveling, and being with Mom and Dad. He often lives in his own world, somewhat happily oblivious to his surroundings. At the same time, though, he is incredibly sensitive toward people. He is always observant of people's moods and what they are wearing. He will approach someone and say, "Hey, you got a red shirt. I got blue shorts." Or, if he hears a baby crying from far away, he will say, "Mommy, what is wrong with the baby. Will she be okay?" He is good at identifying feelings and will say things like, "Mom, this thing is making me frustrated!" Yes, it is obvious that he is being raised by a counselor...
Graham also makes up words. For example, water that is deep such as in a lake or ocean, he calls "googely," and the trailers pulled by semi trucks, he calls "waggles." He also says, "What should can we do," or "Where should can we go?" Instead of side walk, he says, "walk side," and instead of forget, he says, "get for." It melts my heart every time, but I guess I should probably teach him to speak correctly someday... but not yet... I'm holding on to his youth as long as possible.
Graham is also pretty particular about things. He likes to wear socks and will even insist on wearing them in his sandals. He likes things to go in order. For instance, at bed time, he has to have a bath, get dressed, read stories, turn off the lights, do "squeezes," sing songs, snuggle, then go to bed. The door has to be left partially open and there must be a light on in the hallway. If any of this is out of order, he is quick to let you know! Fascinatingly, while he likes order, he is also pretty laid back and easy to be around. He's never really been a fit thrower, and he can usually accept "no" for an answer as long as it is explained to him. He looooves explanations!
He is excellent at traveling and going with the flow. He might ask a hundred questions, but he transitions with ease. He even showed no signs of jet lag after flying to Italy!
These are just little tid bits that I know will be easily forgotten as time goes by, which is why I am choosing to follow Lauren's advice and write them down.
Graham is growing up beautifully. What a fortunate thing for me to be able to say. I love him beyond measurement and thank God, fate, and luck everyday that he is in our lives.

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