Monday, August 16, 2010

our first Tuscan experience: a recap


We set out on a quiet Friday morning to make our late lunch reservation with this guy, whom I have a lot to say about later. For now, let's just say the guy can cook!

We ate pears and cheese, gnocci, pici with 4 cheese sauce, bruscheta, saltimbocca, steak, molten chocolate cake, and wine, wine, wine. We were stuffed beyond any point of stuffedness I'd ever felt before.

We made our way to our hotel for the evening and were greeted at this door by Victoria who was more than happy to see us. She rambled on in Italian and we rambled on in English and had a great, smiling conversation that nobody understood.

We were unable to move for awhile due to the amount of food in our stomachs, so we rested here for awhile and then went wandering through the town where we stumbled upon many places to taste wine. One place even had some entertainment for Graham. So, while we were doing this,

Graham was doing this.

Afterward, Graham pointed out some stairs leading to a rooftop where we could watch the sunset. We continued walking and window-shopping and danced to the music from the Festival of St. Francis that was taking place in the center of town. This joyous evening was followed by a delightful breakfast with Victoria and her husband, Roberto. Roberto exclaimed again and again how beautiful our son is and then gave us directions to Siena, where he was from and had many, many recommendations for places to eat.

Before we got to Siena, though, we stopped at St. Atimo's Abbey to pray with the Benedictines.

Feeling blessed and inspired, we headed to Siena!

More to come...

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