Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I ate a steak, and I liked it

Prior to our Tuscan journey, Tony was doing some research and said in a very excited way, "Hey Katherine! Do you want to eat here?" My former vegetarian self and current meat disliking self looked into the eyes of my adorably excited husband, decided not to squash his enthusiasm, swallowed hard and said with as much gumption as possible, "Sure, honey, that looks great!" As we drove, I couldn't contain my nervousness about going to a meat factory for lunch. I kept thinking, surely they would keep the meat in the back where others can't see it, and surely surely surely, I could find something else on the menu to eat. I would be fine. I could handle this.
We walked in the tiny restaurant, and this is all I could see.

Horror music went through my head as I considered a way to escape. I headed straight to the toilet to gather my thoughts and heard a very loud stomping sound from above. I ascended the stairs to find the owner/chef/butcher chop, chop, chopping away at the meat! "Just go sit at your table and look out the window," I told myself.

I ended up ordering some delicious cheese and gnocci and pasta and was thoroughly enjoying my meal when the owner/chef/butcher approached and whispered in my ear, "Would you like a small filet' for the little guy?" Before I could answer, Tony exclaimed, "Sure! Why not?" I was expecting him to bring a small piece of proscuitto or salami, but this is what he brought.

My drunk-on-wine brain heard Dr. Sues saying, "You do not like it? So you say. Try it. Try it and you may, I say!" Without thinking twice, I grabbed a fork, stuck it in a bite of meat, put it in my mouth and heard the sound of trumpets. A miracle! I took another bite. And another. Graham asked for a bite, and I begrudgingly allowed it, but just one bite. The rest was mine. I liked it. I reeaaally liked it!
So, thank you Osteria Acquacheta, for helping me overcome my fear of meat and showing me that trying new things is going to be enriching as we continue our trek through Europe.

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  1. You are so freaking cute!!!