Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday in Napoli

Unfortunately, I'm not a good photographer, so many of the pictures from Sunday are blurry and weird due to my experimentation with the camera.
Here are some, though, that highlight the city of Napoli.

This is where people live

I imagine many of the people here go to the malls and giant supermarkets that sit on the outskirts of the city, but I also like to believe that some of them shop at their local fruit, fish, wine, and cheese markets.

Part of my ideal picture of Italy includes Catholicism. So far, Naples has not failed my ideal. We spent some time in the Duomo, which was magnificent, but these little tributes in between different apartment buildings were equally powerful in exemplifying the passion for Catholicism I like to think people have here.

We will likely spend many Sunday mornings roaming the streets of this city. Next time, though, I'm pretty sure we will take a bus or a train, because we proved that driving and parking are doable, but not the least bit enjoyable.

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