Monday, August 23, 2010

spontaneous trim

I use polls and friends and opinions to help me make a long a painful decision, and then I spontaneously sprout the courage on a Sunday afternoon to turn into the beauty shop and ask them to trim my 3 year old's never-been-cut hair. The people at the beauty shop don't give me much time to change my mind. They look at Tony and I and say, "Just a trim. You do not want to cut it too short. He looks good with long hair." Okay, decision made. So, Graham climbs on Tony's lap and the beautician begins to brush.

"Just a trim, right? How much," asks the beautician? "Mmmm, about this much," responds Tony. "Okay, you don't want it to be too short. It is too beautiful." "Okay."

"Just this much, right?" "Right." "Okay?" "Okay."

"Mom, my hair is falling on the floor!"

After getting it juuust the right length, the beautician decides to do some magic with mousse. Graham has never before seen this much hair product, let alone have it in his own hair!

Then, just to make sure all the hairs stay in place, he uses some spray. Lots of spray. Tony almost drowns in the spray.

Tada! "Look at my hair, mom!"

We proceed to walk into the grocery store where Graham makes sure to inform everyone he bumped into that he "just got his hair trimmed."

***Hahahaha! I can't stop giggling when I look at how much mousse and spray is in my little boy's hair. It reminds me of my cousin, Geno. Haha. Love ya Geno!
We're not completely sure we love the new do. What do you think?****


  1. lookin goooooood! maybe just a little more? hehe

  2. I would like to see it sans product before making my final decision, but I do enjoy seeing those beautiful eyes of his again!